Tartu Organic Community Garden

Tartu Organic Community Garden

About Tartu Organic Community Garden

NGO Tartu Organic Community Garden is a collective of people interested in organic urban gardening. We are managing two community gardens: a smaller one at the end of Lehe street in Jaamamõisa, and a new and larger one at Ihaste põik/Lammi tee, next to Annelinn.

We follow the principles of organic gardening, i.e. we do not use herbicides and pesticides, and take care of the land and soil. If you want to grow your own vegetables or fruits, join us and get your garden plot of the size you want (175 m2 maximum in Lammi garden), and some space in the fruit garden to plant fruit trees.

Before starting to cultivate the plot, please be sure to acquaint yourself with the basic rules for using the garden plot.

You can join us by filling in the form, and paying the yearly membership fee of 20€ (To the account EE074204278602079607 – MTÜ Tartu Maheaed in Coop Bank). When transfering the money, please write into the payment description field: membership fee, your name, and the year for which you are paying. To make sure that there are garden plots available, you can contact us beforehand on Facebook or via e-mail tartumaheaed@gmail.com.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”


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MTÜ Tartu Maheaed
Riia 38
Tartu linn, Tartumaa 50405